Chile & Uruguay April May 2013 174

Welcome to Punta del Este in Uruguay (pronounced “Oo da guay” for us Norte American’s) it’s the place where in December and January the South American Rich and Famous go for “Holiday.” The local hotels, restaurants, and businesses are only open those two months. We were told they make enough during those two (2) months to live well for the remainder of the year. They must as none and I do mean none of their hotels or businesses were open, in fact the stores were locked up, product out of the stores and only some window posters were the only things visible. We found a dozen restaurants and businesses open and were told that is for the residents who are “security guards” over the businesses while the owners are out of the city. An Ice Cream Shop we went to charged $9 USA dollars for One Scoop of Ice Cream … again just say’en!

BTW (by the way) Norte American’s are those of us who call United States home so I am a Norte Americana 🙂 (a = female or o= male)

Also just food for thought if you go visit any South America location be sure you speak Spanish they do not speak English nor do they have the desire to accommodate us which I totally respect since I consider it Pride in their Culture, Language and Heritage. Just grateful we were with people who speak multiple languages, which is another point I would like to recognize.

Most South American’s speak multiple languages. Spanish is culture, German, French and Portuguese then English. Again I totally respect them!

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