International Beginnings


Santiago, Chile and Montevideo, Uruguay were the stops during the past months travels that marked the “beginning of our international travels” all of which start with flying out of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale on SouthWest Airlines, so here you go:

Chile is known for Copper Mining and Farming. While it’s also Beautiful, Clean and a First Class Country this South American Country made most of the USA look not so desirable. USA is HOME for sure, but Chile has Beautiful Cities, Prestine Beaches, Great views, Desirable Condos and a very very clean area.

Uruguay is full of quaint old buildings with granite, and marble homes. Not quite as clean as Chile but still a very beautiful area with farming for working class. Punta Del Este is the Beach for Rich and Famous where Businesses/Hotels/Restaurants are only open two (2) months out of the year.

Both Cities have wonderful fish, food and produce markets every where along with the food cooked right in front of your face!

All in all we took a ton of photos and would recommend every one to take the time to visit and be sure to fly LAN out of Miami, FL … just sayen’

Until the next trip, keep it REAL … Real FUN that is, Brenda

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