Tribute to Audrey M – Spanish Teacher

Audrey M

I thought this might help some of you who are like me and really speak No Spanish. Thanks to Audrey M from Countryside Christian Center a very dear friend and Columbia native for all her help along with giving up her Sunday Evenings!

Few Basic Rules
No “H” sound in Spanish, Just skip over that letter when sounding out words
“J” is sounded out like American H
“LL” is sounded out like American “W”
“Que” is sounded out like American “K”

Buenos Dias = Good Morning
Buenas Tardes = Good Afternoon
Buenas Noches = Good Night/Evening
Hola = acceptable greeting of “HI”
Chao = acceptable greeting for “Goodbye”
No = No (as in No Spanish/etc.)
Caliente = Hot but for Weather, temperature, etc
Picante = Spicy food (my major mistake)
Frio = Cold for Weather, temperature, etc
Como Te Llamas = What is your name
Me llamo = My name is
De Dondes Eres = Where are you from
Norte America = this is very acceptable for “USA”
De Que Parte = Which part (they will ask you this!)
Florida = My home State which they totally understand
Estoy Visitando = We are visiting (we used this alot)
Como Esta = How are you
Bien = Good
Mal = Not Good
Mas o Menos = So So (if you say this they will ask questions so I’d suggest not using)
Mucho Gusto = Nice to meet you
Lo Mismo = Nice to meet you also
Tengo Sed = I am thirsty
Tengo Hambre = I am hungry
Cafe = Coffee
Aqua = Water
Cereal = Cereal
Avena = Oatmeal
Pancakos = Pancakes
Huevos = Eggs
Pan = Bread
Durazno = Peach
Mellon = Cantaloupe
El Mango = Mango
Pitalla = Watermellon
Manzanas = Apple
Miel = Honey
Jugo = Juice
Leche = Milk
Hongos = Mushrooms
Frijoies = Beans
Sopa = Soup
Carne = Meat (they will ask what type)
Pollo = Chicken
Cerdo = Pork
Pezcado = Fish
Salmon Pron = Salmon
Ensalada = Salad
Arroz = rice
Mantequilla = Butter
Mantequilla De Mani = Peanutbutter
Sal = Salt
Pimienta = Pepper
Aceite = Oil
Aguacate = Avacoda
Nogal = Walnuts
Almendras = Almonds
Vaso de vino = Glass of wine
La Cuenta = The Bill (for food or products purchased)
Billetes/Dinero = Bills or Money
Monedas = Coins
Vuelto = Change (back from your monies paid)
Vamos = Let’s go
Le Gusta = Do you like it (food/etc)
Me Gusta = I like it
Llame Al Doctor = Call a Doctor
Ojo = Beware
Maletas = Luggage
Papeles = Papers/Passport/Airplane Ticket
En Mi Billetera = In my Wallet (used to tell them where your papers are)
En Mi Bolsa = In my Purse
Boleto = Ticket
Cuanto Cuesta Eso = How much is this
Cuanto Te Debo = How much do I owe you
Ponle Precio = Put a price on this (they LOVE to bater so have fun and do it!)
Secador De Pelo = Hair Dryer (VERY Important as they are hard to find!)
Jabon = Soap
Tollas = Towel
Papel De Bano = Toilet Paper
Se Dano = It broke (use for anything broken)
Lava Manos = Wash hands
Luz = Light (to see with)
MY ALL TIME MOST USED = “Ha Bleme Despacio” means Speak slowly please

Hope this gets you started as it’s alot more than we had for our First trip to South America.

Until next time remember, keep it REAL … REAL FUN 🙂 Brenda

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