Las Vegas Baby

Well in early 2013 I took my first visit to Las Vegas, Nevada it was both business and pleasure related. Thanks to Cliff for an awesome time, training and experiencing Vegas … of course via SOUTHWEST Airline.

SouthWest Airlines in my opinion is the ONLY way to FLY in the USA for more reasons than I can quickly think of such as: Great Customer Service, Friendly Staff, Entertaining Flight Attendants, Always On Time Service, Detailed flight connections before you deplane, Great multiple snacks given, Clean bathrooms, Baggage Always Arrives and Baggage is not damaged. That’s just for starters and I’ve been or using/flying SouthWest since my son was 5 years old and he’s 25 now!

Anyways back to Vegas, it was alot of walking, climbing but very entertaining and educational. We found this great Thai restaurant near where we stayed and must say enjoyed more than three meals there, their “Spice level” for food was from 1 to 10, I only tried 7 afraid to go any higher. During the “play” time we perused as many Casino’s as we could and honestly after about 10 of them I truly cannot remember anyone one standing out other than Wynn which was very impressive to me. They had beautiful painted lights made from as well as in umbrella’s hanging upside down, that is why Wynn Las Vegas stood out to me.

Great shows as of course I Saw ELVIS … he’s alive and well in many human bodies in Vegas (hahahaha.) We also had to see “Pawn Stars, Gold & Silver Shop” up close and personal! We did not spy any ‘stars’ however the space is much smaller than television makes it appear. Still great experience and great time all the way around.

Next trip to Vegas will definately find me traveling via SouthWest Airlines but we will view the Casino’s at a slower pace and this time hopefully I won’t lose any money … just sayen’

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL Fun that is šŸ™‚ Brenda

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