Savoy South

I would be remise if I did not write about our #1 FUN Activity that is a MUST in our lives when in the Tampa Bay Area (Home!) Of course, I am talking about Saturday Night Largo Dancing with “Savoy South Dance Group,” meets every Saturday Night at Largo Community Center located at 400 Alternate Keen Road, Largo, FL 33770!

Arleene or “Mrs. Right,” as she is known is the Host, DJ and Dance Instructor that makes Every Saturday night from 7-11 PM soooooooo much fun which ends up being Great Exercise too I must say! Dance lessons are given each Saturday night from 7-8 p.m. then the music starts and everyone dances. YES Every One as this is considered a “social group” and no one hits on anyone so no worries there, also most that attend are Christians with great respect to each other.

So what’s the age group you ask … very important question! The ages vary when it’s summer it’s packed with 14 year olds up to 60 somethings. When it’s “snow bird season,” you have from the 30 somethings to the 90 somethings. No matter what the age, I Guarantee you will have a Fun Fun Fun time and work off that crazy 5 pounds that you can’t seem to lose, really!

So if you are ever bored on a Saturday night, looking for something “outside your box” be sure to come to 400 Alternate Keen Road, Largo, FL 33770 from 7-11 and we will see you there but be sure to save me or John a dance with YOU! Oh yes the cost is Only $8 per person where they have a Full Bar for your beverage pleasures 🙂

Until next time … keep it REAL … Real FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

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