Funny thing happened that I must share but for those of you that know me it won’t be a surprise as I love to give gifts.  Oh Yes the photos are from Our Wedding registration table where every one signed in with Southwest Airline Scarfs as my Table Cloth also the Whole Wedding Theme was “Travel,” that makes SouthWest a Major part of the wedding.

SW.Full Greeting   Wedding WALL

I have done about 40 some weddings over the past five (5) years and those that I consider my “close friends” are Renamed my “extended circle family,” thus getting extra wedding coordinator “perks,” with that said here is the funny thing.  December I did a Christmas “Bell and Hands,” themed wedding and which was a blast. My wedding gift for to the couple who are “extended circle family,” is two (2) Southwest Airline tickets OR $1,000 in Southwest Gift Cards toward a flight. 

We are at the Bridal Shower and the Bride starts to open gifts, she immediately asks for the one from me/us and when she opened it the Bride immediately yells out “WHOOO I am in the ‘extended family circle.'” (Personally I wrap all gift cards in 3-5 different boxes with each wrapped & tapped so it takes awhile to open the gift, just making it fun!)

She immediately calls the Groom and tells him “Baby we are lucky and we ARE in the ‘extended family circle.'” This made me belly laugh but then several of the attendees became my new besties … gotta laugh and always make it fun.

Southwest Airlines I LOVE YOU and we support you 100000% so thanks for the Excellent Service!

Until next time, fly Southwest and keep it REAL … Real FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

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