Extra Mile Service 4 Real Alison

We all have people in our lives that go the “extra mile,” and those that need to learn how to just “go” serve. Anyways I try to always keep my promises and leave people better off by knowing me, spreading their business accomplishments and serving to make them look as good as they are.

This person I’d like to acknowledge here has been a Friend and Business Acquaintance since 1991 and she works for My Airline … OK my #1 choice is Airlines to fly on.

Alison with Southwest has been a friend to me and my son since 1991 ensuring he was cared for above and beyond when he flew alone. I have been a Loyal flyer since then and proudly state I have converted both the Hubbs and All Pro Dad Team to use My Airline, Southwest Airline for All Your Traveling Needs … just say’en! Besides what other airline than Southwest has Singing Stewardess, Fun Stewardess, Great Rates, On Time Schedules and Informative Pilots!

Southwest Headquarters needs to know what Alison did recently for my Husband’s best friend. While Terry was traveling in Ecuador he received a call from his home State of Oklahoma Police Department that his home had been broken into. Terry is in the Gold & Silver with Pawn so its potential crime business. Terry immediately choose to end his vacation and fly back to Miami, where he rented a car and drove to Tampa.

Alison was not working however she answered my texts then called to state she was headed to TIA to see what she could do. On Terry’s drive from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale to Tampa was when I telephoned Alison to ask for any help she could provide and she went beyond the extra mile service which is so typical of Alison and every one I have encountered that works with Southwest!

Alison pulled many strings, gave extra service to already confirmed passenger to ensure Terry would get on the next plane to Oklahoma. Thank you to the “unknown passenger” and Thank You to my Business Friend Alison for providing “EXTRA MILE SERVICE,” to a very dear friend of ours but most of all Thank You SOUTHWEST Airline for employing Great People from Top to Bottom of your Company. I LUV MY SOUTHWEST!

Oh yes, to end the story when Terry arrived in Oklahoma the house was secured and police already at work. For the record, Terry flew from Oklahoma to Tampa on Southwest then all three (3) of us flew Southwest to Ft. Lauderdale as we were going to Chile.

Southwest you ARE #1 in my book … until next time, keep it REAL, Real FUN and Real by flying Southwest! BrendaSouthwest PLANE

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