What’s Next

Reading and Researching for the next adventures in our lives lead me to New Zealand and Thailand studies but of course we will be starting with SouthWest Airlines for any of “our traveling needs!” πŸ™‚

My cousin was married (another person that died well before his time at age 40, Mike Duffy) to a New Zealand beautiful and sweet lady who always talked about home along with sharing photos. Cheryl is back in New Zealand and that means visiting not only Family but a new Country. New Zealand is a stable, first-class, highly-developed country. It’s a stunningly beautiful place with lots to do, Family, great Wine (sold!) and I am told wonderful people!

New Zealand also offers great offshore Trust accounts similar to Cook Island and New Zealand has the simpliest and most widely recognized trusts … So I Am Told! Their trusts cannot be dictated by your home country government as a trust in New Zealand is a security device such as a scowling dog protecting your privacy with an incredibly valuable asset protection. Their offshore trust accounts are completely protects you from your home country government’s taxes upon your death, great for the kiddo’s protection! As long as you follow their foreign trust rules you will have zero blowback from any government tax authority, banks or brokers but be sure to report to your home government their requirements to protect yourself and the kiddo’s! Also good to know New Zealand has a solid privacy law so you only disclose the trust existance, date of settlement, trust name and contact details. Income that is courced outside of New Zealand is totally tax-free for a properly structured trust and has no capital gains taxes, inheritant or forced heirshop taxes … attractive I’d say!

Thailand briefing now, well I’ve always Loved the Orient. I’ve been to Hong Kong and did not want to leave simply because I could find my shoe size without going to any “children’s department,” no kidding serious biz! πŸ™‚

Thailand is the worlds fastest growing economic region where you can find reasonable food, shelter/housing, along with Fun Night Life! Thailand offers high standards of living, excellent education for the Kiddo’s, healthcare options with great experience. Check out the airfare through Air Asia or Tiger we are told they are quite inexpensive as well a great airline. Thailand uses it’s own money called the “Baht” which is printed and used in Thailand so be prepared to exchange your American dollar or Euro as they will not be accepted here!

Some of my followers are interested in Visa potential and in Thailand you have two choices:
A – Dependent Visa this is where your Kiddo’s can help you! Enroll your child (any under age 15) into an Approved School, Provide their birth certificate to prove you are their parent/guardian, Show proof of Bank Account in Thailand, Show proof of housing and you can now apply for a Dependent Visa. FYI – Any Child under age 15 in their Approved School automatically becomes a Citizen with their own Visa. OR
B – Retirement Visa of Non Immigrant O-A Long Stay (Must be 50 years or older) so bring your Passport, Clean FBI/Police report from your home government, TM.6 Card, Proof of residence in Thailand, Health Screening completed, Three (3) 4×6 photos of yourself, Have Bank account of $26,000 per couple from the Thailand Bank and start your visa. NOTE – all visa’s must be renewed Annually. Thailand is a Great, Safe and Educationally sound place to live while raising your kids.

As always this is Only Food for Thought … Until next time, keep it Real … REAL FUN that is πŸ™‚ Brenda

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