It Is What It Is


That says it all for so many instances on this Florida trip, simply and straight up.  I wish I had more time before this round of trips to do more, see more friends and go more however the days were packed thus: “It is what it is!”  My accomplishments this time were:

  1. Enjoying Every Sunday with my Son and Daughter (in-law) after both our Church services enjoying a meal, playing games and just making new memories.  How I Love and am Proud of BOTH of them and My Son awee he’s the best! 
  2. Bi-Weekly Monday night Girls Night Out at THE PALM TAMPA with my 3-4 Best Friends (Frona, Cris, Terri and Vivian) ladies you so keep me grounded, appreciative, accountable, blessed and encouraged thank you from the bottom of my heart!  As always we will text, talk and email until the next Girls Night Out!
  3. Hippie Fest … RUTH ECKERD HALL has the Best Concerts and Performers in Tampa Bay, YES in ALL of Tampa Bay but Silly and Fun Hippie Fest is an Annual concert our group of 12 Always Go to.  Thank You Ruth Eckerd Hall
  4. Golfing is another activity I enjoy but I must say I drive the beer cart (in tournaments) much better than I play but We Never Miss our Monthly Game at Countryside Golf thanks to Ryan we Girls have FUN FUN FUN.
  5. Attended the Grand Opening of Countryside PF CHANGS with the Hubbs, Son, Daughter (in-law), Daughter (in-law’s) Parents and a few friends.  Now I get to enjoy PF Changs in Tampa and Countryside Malls without thinking twice where to eat while shopping!
  6.  Helped in various areas of Tampa Bay’s Best Church … Countryside Christian Center (that would be in case you wondered) through serving as needed.
  7. Lunched with some of my Family First Family, but just did not have enough hours to visit, laugh, catch up, share, ask and be a part of you guys but know that every day I still think of, promote you, sell you, and pray for Each and Every One of you along with your families!
  8. VIsited friends in Miami area where the Hubbs caught up with an old college friend, so I want to thank Charles and Charmaine for the hospitality along with Great Food while in your ‘neck of the woods!’
  9. Celebrated my birthday ON my birthday with My Immediate Family plus days before I enjoyed a celebration meal with Pamela/Ron Burget at Armani’s; another celebration meal with Amy/Joe Flynt at Carmelitta’s and a Saturday Night with my Savoy South Largo Community Center DANCE Friends by dancing the night away! 
  10. Birthday with the HUBBS will Always Find Us having dinner at Marriott Watercolour along with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.
  11. SHEPHARD’S Friday Night Buffet is where you will find “our Gang” when we are in town and I must say … GO EAT then Dance the calories away … just say’en as that’s what we did every Friday night this Trip!
  12. Black Dance Group was another FUN activity we attended at Straz Center in Tampa Plus Another Great Place to Enjoy your hard earned money when Spending the Night with Loved Ones … check out their website
  13. Enjoyed tickets to Tampa Buccaneers First Game of the Season thanks to Family First!  And since everyone knows how I LOVE Football, did you hear Bruno Mars is going to be 2014 Super Bowl Halftime Entertainer, just had to repeat or share that!

Well off to other ventures so remember “it is what it is,” take from one of my daily Joyce Devo’s which I will briefly share:        “You are never going to have anyone else’s life  so stop wasting time and energy by being upset about things you cannot do anything about.  Nobody’s life is perfect and it is entirely possible that if you want that other person’s life he/she probably wants someone else’s life also.  Contentment with life is not a feeling it is a decision, contentment doesn’t mean we never want to see changes it simply means we will do the best we can with what we have and will maintain an attitude that allows us to enjoy the gift of life as we have it.

I want to thank each and every one of you who support me unconditionally you make these ventures hard to enjoy but I also know you say you live vicariously through me so watch for photos under “PHOTOS” tab at the top of the Home Page!

IT IS WHAT IT IS … Until then keep it Real … REAL FUN that is!  🙂 Brenda

Lunch Gang 8.29.13  LisaMe

Sunday Games

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