You all know me I have to share ALL the fun or free stuff and this one has both so here you go …

Thursday, September 19, 2013 USA and Canadian Krispy Kreme Locations are promoting ARRR Talk Like a Pirate, so go into Any Krispy Kreme location and “Talk Like a Pirate … ARRRRR” to get One (1) free Original Glazed donut OR to the landlubber who dares to dress in FULL Pirate Attire you will walk away with One Dozen (12) Krispy Kreme Original Gazed donuts.

What to Say … just walk in and say something like “ARRR I Spy me an Original Glazed Donut, matey our ship just landed and I need me some Krispy Kreme!” now that should get you the free donut! 

Anyone daring enough to forward me your photo I promise to put it on this blog site … who will be first to have their photo here … second … third or how many will reply 🙂 FUN FUN FUN till daddy takes the t-bird away.  hahahah

Email me your photo at

Until next time … Keep It REAL … Real Fun that is 🙂 Brenda

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