These questions were proposed to me asking for clarification about this blog site so I want to gladly addressing that as quickly as I can, like right now 🙂

Two questions as follows plus a few items left out

  1. Why is your husband not in any photos
    1. The Hubs does not want any photos of him out there so being respectful as a wife should be
  2. What is the purpose of this blog
    1. To promote my Friends and their businesses that has graciously given to me in the past during my not-for-profit business (501-c-3) events.
    2. To talk about Past, Present and Future travels with tips when traveling locally/abroad also to let you know about our ventures

Items left out:

  1. Please choose to use “cruise control” when on interstates, just say’en after all it will keep you from getting tickets or caught in speed traps.  Also eliminates the legs going to sleep when you try to get out of the car you don’t have rubber legs.  We recently avoided four (4) major speed traps all because of “Choosing to Use Cruise Control” one which had over 10 motorcycle police lined up pulling out either way while two officers were pointing the radar gun both directions to catch speeders.  Most states will give you six (6) miles over, again FYI.
  2. Be sure when traveling to the State where you will be staying to stop by their “Welcome Center” off the interstate for information on activities or Discount coupons of hotel/activities and other things for that trip
  3. Just a side note and if it’s doable for you, if you travel with overnight stays on Monday through Thursday your hotel bill will be about $20 cheaper each night with the same luxurious feel as a Friday to Sunday stay.  This tidbit also works for when you are planning an event for building rentals, again just say’en.
  4. Always be sure to check out as you can the Local Farmer’s Markets, Churches and Mom/Pop Restaurants you just might find a new love!

Until next time, keep it Real … REAL FUN that is 🙂  Brenda

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