September Ventures

September ventures took us to Victor’s Viola Valley Vineyard then Pigeon Forge, then onto West Virginia to visit the Family with a few photos below to enjoy.

Vic (tor) is a wonderful single Godly man and long time friend of the Hubs that I have come to appreciate for many reasons (walks the walk not just talks the talk with a sweet giving spirit,) not to mention his vineyard where we got to enjoy the “fruit of his labor,” while snagging a few bottles for my BFF’s!  It’s always great to visit Vic and the Viola Gang, thanks bunches from the bottom of my heart for everything during our visit you guys always make us feel so welcome, all warm and fuzzy!

On the way to West Virginia, we had to make a pit stop in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area to see all the touristy sites such as “The Incredible Christmas Place” which made me wonder … What Would God Think bout this place, just ask’en or say’en.  Then onto climb Clingman’s Dome all within a one day/night visit.  Regarding Clingmans’s Dome, have you ever wondered how many heart attacks the park volunteers encounter each month, really I’m say’en that thought crossed my mind as I headed up the 6000 foot elevation for the half mile trek that seemed to be more like a mile, but Korey at LA Fitness would be proud of me, I almost did lunges up the hill in honor of Korey but that thought passed quickly.  Korey is a great trainer but he never prepared me for squats while feeding the ducks in Pigeon Forge be careful they bite as evident by the photo!

It’s always great to visit HOME and enjoy Mom’s cooking, Family gatherings with 25 or more of us laugh at and with each other until we cry, reminiscing on the past and listening to each other share our own future plans.  So glad my Daddy is doing better since I expect him and Mother to live FOREVER … really!  Then there’s my Beautiful Sister who has such a servant heart, my Baby Brother … OK he is much taller than me but so is most of the world and I’m glad to see him improving.  I enjoyed all the nieces, nephews and great nieces/nephews that had me playing ball/running or doing craft time or dancing on WII or of course MALL time, all which makes more memories to warm the heart when they are not there.  Lord, least I forget the stop at My Alma Mater, Marshall University for my yearly fix on MU Football, even if it’s a rebuilding year.  We always end our West Virginia trip by visiting Aunt Margaret my Mother’s sister where we enjoy her Homemade Coconut Crème Pie … to die for!  This is one of those pies that you eat one fourth of as your piece and dare anyone to look at you wrong, after all I climbed Clingman’s Dome so I worked off two pieces if I decide!  Thanks Aunt Margaret for always taking watching out for my Momma!

Well that’s a quick rap but watch for my Hong Kong and Thailand posts coming later this week … until then as always, Keep it Real … REAL FUN 🙂 Brenda

Viola Vineyard

Viola WineGrapes

Atop Clingmans

BG ducks

MU Brenda


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    That was nice. We spent a lot of time in pigeon forge and Gatlinburg when I lived in TN.


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