Top Winner WON $150

 If you remember back on September 18, 2013 I had a blog topic: Actions Speak Louder than Words, my top 10!   I was surprised that very few people responded to be included in a drawing but that made the participants odds excellent.  With that said, the top prize was $150 Gift Certificate to dine at THE PALM TAMPA!  This is a very upscale wonderful restaurant and the other participants WON Chick-Fil-A meal cards.  See it pays to play people … just sayen

10.18.13 WINNERS

Ron and Pamela Burgets won The Palm Tampa, and forwarded onto me this picture to share as they plan their Date Night Out to enjoy their winnings. The Palm in Tampa boasts the famed walls adorned with classic cartoons and caricatures of celebrities, politicians and socialites who make up its impressive customer base. At The Palm their philosophy since 1926 when Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi opened the first restaurant in New York City was simple:  Treat your guests like family, serve great food and always exceed expectations.

I might Highly Suggest you do like I did in 2010 and ask The Palm about joining The 837 Club, as you will enjoy the perks and rewards of good taste, great food, and The Palm experience, just ask anyone working there and tell them Brenda sent you to be a 837 Club Member also!

All other runner ups received a free meal card from one of my weekly hot spots which of course has to be: Chick-Fil-A!  Who does not love Chick-Fil-A or as one of my old office Friends use to say her grandson would call it: Chick A Lay, Chick A Lay don’t you just love it.  So precious and I catch myself singing that tune periodically as I walk through the doors of either the Gulf to Bay Store or Oldsmar Store.  Thanks to my Friends Jane, Ronnie and Russ for always supporting o2b Fun!

I might also suggest purchasing for ALL your stocking stuffer needs the Chick-Fil-A Calendar so your family or friends can enjoy a treat each month.  I already have mine and at Six Dollars Each you cannot beat all the free treats you get monthly with that calendar … what are you waiting for go get them!

I like to keep all my blogs short and sweet (like myself hahaha) but I would be remise if I did not once again give you My Top 10 and ask you please be sure to frequent them especially now for their HOLIDAY SPECIALS:

Holiday Inn Clearwater Beach; The Palm Tampa; Janie, Ronnie, Dan & Russ at Chick-Fil-A; Ruth Eckerd Hall Clearwater; Straz Center Tampa; Shephards Beach Resort Clearwater Beach; Tampa Bay Rays; Flamestone Oldsmar/Besa Grill Safety Harbor or Oldsmar; PF Changs Tampa or Clearwater; and Watercolour Sand Key Beach

Until next time, keep it Real … REAL FUN that is and be sure to enter my next contest!  Brenda 🙂

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