Holiday List

December already … yes it is and I like to add a little fun during the craziness of the holiday so here are some ideas.  OR You can reply with your ideas for all 500 of our followers to see while YOU get the credit!


Dec 1 – Put your prettiest present under the tree or whatever your décor is

Dec 2 – Watch for those crazy discounts and jump on them ASAP

Dec 3 – Give your guy or yourself Breakfast In Bed

Dec 4 – Get a facial or manicure or something special to you

Dec 5 – Become a shopping maven … make and sell jewelry, save cans or bottles to sell, check out charity shops to save money

Dec 6 – Find that outfit that makes them all go … WHOA

Dec 7 – Make Malted Milk Ball Cookies or any new Cookie recipe

Dec 8 – Create a Backyard Bowling Alley in the Snow or Sand (no children required be that child!)

Dec 9 – Thrill your child with a Real Surprise Gift by getting input from their BFF

Dec 10 – Smell the Beach Day with something in your house that reminds you of the Beach

Dec 11 – Enjoy guilt free party food by making smart choices: Brownie bite with fresh fruit; cocktail with splash of club soda (NOT Tonic Water); Six shrimp with cocktail sauce; bruschetta with double sauce not second bread; chicken skewers no bread … OK you have the idea

Dec 12 – Live in your PJs for the Day and relax your way

Dec 13 – Start planning your summer vacation and take a mental break

Dec 14 – Mix a mean cocktail and call it a day

Dec 15 – Bespangle your hat just for fun

Dec 16 – Chose last-minute gifts that give back

Dec 17 – Make a Family Cookie Baking Day as you prepare for the Cookie Exchange

Dec 18 – Wrap something in Bacon – anything and enjoy Bacon

Dec 19 – Make a family banner like: Merry Christmas from The Geanakos

Dec 20 – Give your house guests a five-star experience by putting a basket in their room (Holiday socks; toothbrush; toothpaste; shave cream; band-aid; mouthwash; lotion; chap stick; knit hat; glasses; water pitcher; alarm clock; extra blanket; etc.)

Dec 21 – Break out those pearls and wear them

Dec 22 – Give The BEST Gift Ever the gift of Loving Your Family UNCONDITIONALLY All Year long, My Daddy would say: ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!

Dec 23 – Go Nuts for your snacks – nuts are super foods

Dec 24 – Master the art of fancy but comfortable dress

Dec 25 – Enjoy your Family and Friends to the Utmost and let them know How Special they are to You all year-long!

So What are YOUR Ideas … make Your Comment NOW so you do not forget!

Until next time, keep it Real … REAL FUN that is!  Brenda 🙂

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