Words BABY!


Yes words and what a big subject, I know some people already bypassed this but here I go! We all have had words spoken to us that affect us as well we have spoken words to others that affect them. In the 21st Century words can be spoken, implied in conversations, texted (be thoughtful of blind copies sent), social media publicized, in body language, in emails (be thoughtful of blind copies sent) and in photos manipulated to be what the sender wants it to appear to be.

On Sunday, December 22, 2013 I received words that have taken me this long to process and talk about. Good thing was about two weeks prior to December 22nd, I received a phone call from my Ex Mother In Law who just wanted to call me and let me know how much she still Loves me, Respects me, Misses me and what a great person I am. She brought tears to my eyes as she told me that I am one of the most giving, serving, loving person she has known in her 80 plus years of life. WOW these were powerful words that encourage and lifted me up to the clouds. How ironic that she felt the need to call me before her death two short weeks later and how much it meant to me as I reflect on this phone call.

See I am truly a people pleaser and have been working hard over the past two years to become more of a God and Husband pleaser which has caused a lot of other folks in my life to speak negative things about or question me. That good ole grapevine works both ways so I need to be careful as I can only be responsible for myself. I need to remember that the good ole grapevine ALWAYS gets embellished by everyone who repeats what they think they heard, so I will be working on being MORE careful in 2014. As the Hubs says: No good deed goes unpunished OR The first person to speak looses the disagreement so State the Facts without Emotion.

My ex Mother In Law through her death made me aware that this New Year I will work harder to Not Give up, work with the purpose of being a Positive Person like her, you know look for the good because the bad is already being talked about. I have decided to get better at smiling, biting my tongue in lieu of speaking and seriously work at stating kind encouraging words to ALL those around me.

I will not be phony and I will continue to stand my ground so respect me or do not respect me, your call as I will continue working on being kind but with Healthy Respectful Boundaries. Remember, like you, I am a work in progress and it takes 60 days to form a new habit so give me the Same Grace you would want me to give you. 🙂

Until next time, keep it REAL … REAL FUN and know you are an AWESOME person created with a unique talent only you can accomplish! Brenda 🙂

Santa/Jesus or Jesus/Santa

It is that time of the year when I am reminded of a decision I made about 25 years ago as to which story to tell my son for Christmas.

See, growing up I was told the story about Santa Clause not being real when I was about six years old which made it weird in elementary school. When Nate was born I decided to make up my own story for Christmas so I wanted to share with you all in my blog and it goes like this …

Nate, did you know that Santa Clause and Jesus are best friends! YES they are and do you know why? Santa wanted to ensure all the children of the world knew about Jesus so he helps the parents in getting gifts for all the children of the world to give to the children ON Jesus Birthday. Remember the Bible tells us that Jesus will not come back to earth until it is time for Jesus to take his believers home to live with Jesus in Heaven. Since Jesus will not come back to earth to take us to Heaven until then Santa wants to make sure we all have the opportunity to celebrate Jesus birthday and all he did for us on the cross through his death, burial and resurrection.

How awesome is that Santa believes in Jesus and helps the world believe in Jesus by making sure we all get gifts on Jesus birthday. Who else would make sure gifts are given to others on someone else’s birthday! WOW, Santa really loves Jesus and I know Jesus loves Santa.

Believe what you want but this is my story and I chose to stick with it, in my mind Jesus and Santa Clause are Best Friends … Besties … BFF … Buds or whatever verbiage you want to use.

Another tradition that Nate and I use to do when he lived at home was every year on Christmas Day our dessert was a Birthday Cake that had: Happy Birthday Day Jesus on it. We also would get a gift box fill it with crayons, construction paper, glue, scissors, colored pencils and card stock white paper wrap it up and take to Church for the classes to have.

Today I am so proud to be a part of Countryside Christian Center where every year since 2002 when I joined that church we have Candle Light Services where everyone brings a gift box with their best gift for Jesus to leave in the Manger on Christmas Eve. WOW what a great new tradition I am blessed to be a part of in celebrating Jesus Birthday big girl style. We still celebrate with a little cake when Nate, Catie and we have our Christmas gathering as I guess old habits are hard to break but then again I do not want to break this tradition because some day I will have grandchildren to share my version of Santa/Jesus or Jesus/Santa with … always the kid in me!

Until next time MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours! Keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and a very prosperous 2014 everyone! Brenda 🙂

Living Vicariously

This question was asked about me back early December by a very Precious Dear FF Friend who also stated funny your husband does not want in media yet his wife has a blog and has done public relations work since 1988 … Funny and so True!

Back to vicariously living and the trip to Dublin Ireland for Thanksgiving 2013. American Airlines had a special that could not be overlooked by my Beautiful Daughter (in law) and once my son Nate found out it was Ireland he started planning activities which of course included one of his FAV items, Guinness Beer! They took the Connoisseur Experience Session which included proper pouring techniques then tastings and is done daily. Did you know the core of Guinness Storehouse building is a model of a giant pint glass stretching from reception area on ground floor to the Gravity Bar on the seventh floor?

And did you know that there is a proper way to pour Guinness beer plus it has to set for 30 seconds before you drink it, well there is so now Nate and Catie are the PROS at pouring! Nate and Catie made several club friends while in Dublin but the funniest was the young lady who knows Tampa Florida because of THE Back Street Boys … Hilarious because the new found club friend could not understand why we did not know him or had personally met him or them, life is so different with celebrities in Dublin I guess.

Ireland has everything from waterfront to mountains plus everything in between to enjoy, the countryside of Ireland is beautiful, it was blustery windy cold however with the sun shining it very nice to sight see! The Library photo is in the city and has one of the oldest Bibles as theirs dates back to 1600 and was a must see during the trip.

Enjoy the photos, thanks Handsome Son for planning activities, Beautiful Daughter for planning the Trip and I continue to live vicariously with this blog.

Until next time, keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is. Brenda 🙂
BeersIreland NateIreland CatieIreland

Hot off the Text

Oh My Stars I am so EXCITED to share this with you. Many of you have heard me speak about Korey and others have read about Korey here is my blog. WELL … Korey the Most AWESOME Trainer in this Whole Big Wide World is in business for himself! Can I Get an OH YES BABY!

If you ever thought about, wondered about or need motivation to get a personal trainer let me tell you (using the Nike old commercial slogan) JUST DO IT!

And do I have the ONLY Trainer for you … trust me as I had never ever worked out until age 50 when Korey Rodgers was introduced to me by the Number 1 BFF, Frona Elkes. Korey use to work at LA Fitness (USE TO as noted in my Past blogs.) Korey always has a smile, nice words, and encourager and never made me feel stupid for not knowing my way around the gym PLUS he got rid of those old lady wings I had! Really even when I worked out that one time on some hanging machine for the first time then hit the floor. I laughed at myself for a good five minutes and I do believe that time I embarrassed Korey After he found out I was not hurt, sorry Korey better to laugh than to cry!

Anyways back to what YOU NEED TO DO … GIFT YOURSELF this Christmas with such a wonderful, trustworthy, knowledgeable, Results Oriented, kind and giving Young Trainer. Here is how you do it!

Call Korey NOW at 7274977530 or check out his website (http://www.krfit.com/) KR Fit Personal Trainer, Clearwater, FL or GO SEE HIM at 24005 US Highway 19 North, Clearwater, FL! They are Located in the University Plaza on South-Bound US 19 between Countryside Boulevard and Sunset Point Boulevard – near Zo Lounge and Heat Yoga.

As Korey told me: Come to the gym and see all our New Toys! THIS MONTH ONLY special for 25 sessions PLUS … No Yearly Contract you can do Month To Month … now that is what I am talking about Baby! Another quick side bar in my December weight watchers magazine they suggested … big word there suggested for every party you attend schedule the next day a time to work out for thirty minutes, I am taking that challenge even on our scheduled cruise!

OK I hope you all or at least half of my 504 followers go check out KR Fit in Clearwater and tell Korey that Brenda sent you, who know I might see you there soon! LIKE him on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter!

Until next time keep it Real … REAL KR Fit and FUN that is … Brenda 🙂 Excited for Korey an Kate


12 Days of FUN

So it is already December 2 and I am reminded of a tradition I started three years ago for the Hubs and thought you might like to recreate it for your family, kids, friends or that special person.  I promise it is not that hard to do and not that much work, PROMISE!   December 13 is when you must start this crafty little fun part typing or handwriting then adding a little clip art with the foodie product.  ENJOY

  • On the First Day of Christmas (Dec 13) my true love gave to me a Partridge in a Pear Tree!  So you add a photo of a partridge on the note and give them One Pear.
  • On the Second Day of Christmas (Dec 14) my true love gave to me 2 turtle doves!  So you give them 2 Dove Ice Cream Bars … of course they will share the second one with you!
  • On the Third Day of Christmas (Dec 15) my true love gave to me 3 French hens.  So give them 3 Cadbury Eggs or 3 Fresh Eggs after all Hens lay eggs RIGHT!
  • On the Fourth Day of Christmas (Dec 16) my true love gave to me 4 calling birds!  So give them 4 Toy Cell Phones with candy in them and add Photo of Birds!
  • On the Fifth Day of Christmas (Dec 17) my true love gave to me 5 golden Rings!  So give them 5 Ring Pops and wrap in gold colored paper!
  • On the Sixth Day of Christmas (Dec 18) my true love gave to me 6 geese a-laying!  So give them 6 Chocolate Covered Strawberries in an Egg Carton since the geese already Laid their eggs!
  • On the Seventh Day of Christmas (Dec 19) my true love gave to me 7 swans a-swimming!  So give them 7 small packages of Bubble Bath and 7 small packages of Goldfish Crackers!
  • On the Eighth Day of Christmas (Dec 20) my true love gave to me 8 maids a milking!  So give them 8 single servings of Chocolate Milk!
  • On the Ninth Day of Christmas (Dec 21) my true love gave to me 9 ladies dancing!  So give them 9 Pirouette Chocolate Treats and Photo of Dancing Shoes and make them go dancing with you this very night!
  • On the Tenth Day of Christmas (Dec 22) my true love gave to me 10 lords a leaping!  So give them 10 gummy frog candies or 10 of any type frogs even if it is photos on paper!
  • On the Eleventh Day of Christmas (Dec 23) my true love gave to me 11 pipers piping!  So give them 11 piping Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows!
  • On the Twelfth Day of Christmas (Dec 24) my true love gave to me 12 drummers drumming!  So give them 12 individual Ice Cream Drumsticks or for my Son Nate I would give him 12 real drumsticks to use!

What are your ideas to make this better I would love to have input and thanks for taking time this Holiday Season to enjoy this silly blog!

Until next time, keep it Real … REAL FUN that is and Merry Christmas to you and yours!  Brenda 🙂

12DaysChristmasPHOTO  Photo was taken from Googling “photo 12 days of Christmas”