Hot off the Text

Oh My Stars I am so EXCITED to share this with you. Many of you have heard me speak about Korey and others have read about Korey here is my blog. WELL … Korey the Most AWESOME Trainer in this Whole Big Wide World is in business for himself! Can I Get an OH YES BABY!

If you ever thought about, wondered about or need motivation to get a personal trainer let me tell you (using the Nike old commercial slogan) JUST DO IT!

And do I have the ONLY Trainer for you … trust me as I had never ever worked out until age 50 when Korey Rodgers was introduced to me by the Number 1 BFF, Frona Elkes. Korey use to work at LA Fitness (USE TO as noted in my Past blogs.) Korey always has a smile, nice words, and encourager and never made me feel stupid for not knowing my way around the gym PLUS he got rid of those old lady wings I had! Really even when I worked out that one time on some hanging machine for the first time then hit the floor. I laughed at myself for a good five minutes and I do believe that time I embarrassed Korey After he found out I was not hurt, sorry Korey better to laugh than to cry!

Anyways back to what YOU NEED TO DO … GIFT YOURSELF this Christmas with such a wonderful, trustworthy, knowledgeable, Results Oriented, kind and giving Young Trainer. Here is how you do it!

Call Korey NOW at 7274977530 or check out his website ( KR Fit Personal Trainer, Clearwater, FL or GO SEE HIM at 24005 US Highway 19 North, Clearwater, FL! They are Located in the University Plaza on South-Bound US 19 between Countryside Boulevard and Sunset Point Boulevard – near Zo Lounge and Heat Yoga.

As Korey told me: Come to the gym and see all our New Toys! THIS MONTH ONLY special for 25 sessions PLUS … No Yearly Contract you can do Month To Month … now that is what I am talking about Baby! Another quick side bar in my December weight watchers magazine they suggested … big word there suggested for every party you attend schedule the next day a time to work out for thirty minutes, I am taking that challenge even on our scheduled cruise!

OK I hope you all or at least half of my 504 followers go check out KR Fit in Clearwater and tell Korey that Brenda sent you, who know I might see you there soon! LIKE him on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter!

Until next time keep it Real … REAL KR Fit and FUN that is … Brenda 🙂 Excited for Korey an Kate


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