Living Vicariously

This question was asked about me back early December by a very Precious Dear FF Friend who also stated funny your husband does not want in media yet his wife has a blog and has done public relations work since 1988 … Funny and so True!

Back to vicariously living and the trip to Dublin Ireland for Thanksgiving 2013. American Airlines had a special that could not be overlooked by my Beautiful Daughter (in law) and once my son Nate found out it was Ireland he started planning activities which of course included one of his FAV items, Guinness Beer! They took the Connoisseur Experience Session which included proper pouring techniques then tastings and is done daily. Did you know the core of Guinness Storehouse building is a model of a giant pint glass stretching from reception area on ground floor to the Gravity Bar on the seventh floor?

And did you know that there is a proper way to pour Guinness beer plus it has to set for 30 seconds before you drink it, well there is so now Nate and Catie are the PROS at pouring! Nate and Catie made several club friends while in Dublin but the funniest was the young lady who knows Tampa Florida because of THE Back Street Boys … Hilarious because the new found club friend could not understand why we did not know him or had personally met him or them, life is so different with celebrities in Dublin I guess.

Ireland has everything from waterfront to mountains plus everything in between to enjoy, the countryside of Ireland is beautiful, it was blustery windy cold however with the sun shining it very nice to sight see! The Library photo is in the city and has one of the oldest Bibles as theirs dates back to 1600 and was a must see during the trip.

Enjoy the photos, thanks Handsome Son for planning activities, Beautiful Daughter for planning the Trip and I continue to live vicariously with this blog.

Until next time, keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is. Brenda 🙂
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