365 Starts … yesterday

OUCH – OOPS … well if you are like me I have thought about and kind of decided but as of today, January 2, have not done my usual which is to write out my commitment, you know the Exciting but Dreaded New Year Resolution, dreaded because I have to put action behind those words spoken! Stats show the top resolutions are kept for approximately two weeks then fall off until 80 percent after 60 days until they are completely forgotten, however about 20 percent of people keep their resolutions throughout the year.

So what are the 2014 top resolutions, they include: weight loss; workout/exercise; spend less/save more; get organized; eat healthy; quit smoking; enjoy life to the fullest; learn something new; fall in love; spend more time with family; and help others.

Here are three great charts if you have chosen weight loss, health eating or saving money (thank you Daniel Mogg my FF Office Son for the saving money one!) I hope these help you in accomplishing your goal and one suggestion is to find someone who will hold you accountable for your goal or work out with you or whatever you set.
2014. 365Days

2014. 365Exercise

If you chose workout/exercise, REMEMBER my NUMBER ONE Personal Trainer, Korey Rodgers, owner and trainer of KRFIT at 25004 US Highway 19 North, Clearwater, FL 33763 or call him 727497.7530 while checking out his website there are GREAT New Year Rates and opportunities to get fit with an Awesome, Professional, Results Oriented, Kind and Encouraging Trainer, the BEST in This Whole Big Wide World … in my opinion that is honestly how I feel!

I have made my resolution to which the Hubs is and trust me He WILL hold me 110 percent accountable which is what I need … onward and hope to see some of you at KRFit soon. Know whatever you each decide to do I pray and wish for each person The Best Year ever for you, Prosperity, Good Health, Strength to make it through your trials and most important to me God’s guidance/blessing/will to be fulfilled in your lives.
2014. 365Food

Until next time, keep it Real … REAL FUN as we work on being that 20 percent that keep our resolutions! Brenda 🙂

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