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Yes EXCITED for football yet it’s not football season yet … but then again IT IS! Those of you who really know me know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE me so football. When my son was younger and I took him to games he would say: now Mom please do not cheer so loud unless it is like a first down, OK? Really Nate, how did that work for you all those year … hahahahaah, Luv You Son!

As always with any excitement comes the SAD 😦 news so here we go: Lovie Smith will be the New 2014 Head Coach for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, my home team baby!

Mark Dominik a long time business friend has been dismissed according to Bryan Glazer announcement which stated “Mark has been a valued member of the organization for two decades and we respect the passion he shows for the Buccaneers, a hard worker but feel the move to dismiss him is necessary for the Glazers to achieve the goals they have.” The REALLY REALLY SAD NEWS 😦

Lovie Smith was Tampa Bay Linebacker Coach under MY FAV Coach Tony Dungy (another personal friend) from 1996 to 2002. Smith will take over the team as replacement to Schiano; one of Smith’s first orders from the Glazer family is to decide if Glennon has shown enough tenacity to prove Glennon is future quarterback for the Bucs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers which lost their first eight games before going into the second half of the season with 4-4. The Bucs will have the seventh pick in this year draft season and are looking for help in areas such as defensive end; offensive line and wide receiver.

Personally I am excited to see if Lovie will bring Leslie Frazier in as Bucs defensive coordinator as well what a Great Team I personally believe Lovie will put together. I don’t know about you but I will be looking into season tickets, most of which I know through traveling I will give away but I WANT to have my own for when we are in town.

Until next time and when the real football season begins, keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is, Brenda 🙂

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