Chiriqui Panama

What I know or have been told by Cathy R … best are is Chiriqui which is between 1000 and 1500 meters, or Volcan which is beautiful but sparely populated city along with the small towns around these two cities, but you need to be a rural person to appreciate either of these.

Panama is an expensive place to live as expenses are about the same as they are in Florida, such as food and rent. However, clothing is much more expensive. Organic food selection is larger than in Florida but local farmers are open to you for picking of fruit (just don’t go overboard small bag is all anyone needs) otherwise comparable food pricing as in Florida.

Transportation costs are cheaper because you do not need a car, try using buses or taxi to get around.

Property is becoming less and less available as well cost to rent or purchase more than say three (3) years ago. Also it is suggested Not to Bank in Panama to just keep your money in the USA and use debit cards as they are easier to track your spending and not have anyone stealing your credit card number or identity.

Panama is no place to go if you are short on funds and want or need medical attention so don’t get sick there or plan on going for a procedure expecting cheaper than in the USA. However if you are a Senior Citizen living in Panama you get 20% discount on a lot of items including prescription drugs.

What is cheap, car insurance since very few people drive there are few accidents but also few parking places and gasoline is about the same price as in Florida- just say’en!

Try visiting Panama for about six (6) months or more before you decide to move, Panama is a Beautiful Place with Wonderful weather but you will not be saving money so don’t plan on going to live in Panama to have a cheaper better lifestyle.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is, Brenda 🙂

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