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Hummm, good topic as appearances are just that. Above is a Pic of my Brother In Law, Joe opening his birthday gift from me (roll of birthday paper with one dollar bills taped together that rolled out as he pulled a string) it appeared there was a lot of giving here but if you would count the actual ones then you would see it is appearances. We all at times in our lives let things appear different than we think so the people in our lives will see what we want them to see. I wanted to share this thought first then I promise to talk about my fun plans.

The past months things in my life have not been as I thought they should be, but today in my time of devotion something smacked me right in the face about appearances and I need to share, so please hear me out as I RARELY share my belief this bluntly in my blog.

Abram and Lot (Abrams brothers son) left their home following God when strife broke out between Lot’s herdsmen and Abram’s herdsmen so they decided to part ways. Now Abram (in my eyes being the most humble and stronger Christian) took Lot to a high mountain that overlooked the area and OFFERED … yes let him have first pick, offered him the area to chose for his future homeland. Lot chose the prime property and left Abram with the desert area, now talk about appearances if this were me I would have probably said how about throwing me a bone here Lot just one acre of that prime property. But Not Abram he said he did not want any more strife so he is willing to let Lot have the best without argument or harsh feelings. Now that slapped me in the face big time … let’s say big time! Then in Genesis 13 verses 14 to 16 this is where God promises good to Abram. I call these little things God Winks or God Hugs and believe my things will be transitioned by God for me just like promises to each of His Kids in Jeremiah 29 verse 11.

Appearances are not always like they seem to us even when we look at our friends, families or co workers we need to rethink this whole thing by not judging simply loving and I needed this lesson so thanks to my Joyce Meyer Thoughts devotional book.

Fun plans next week include a Bridal Shower for Crystal with the never ending scroll of Shower money tree as they head to Maryland for her wedding with family. Crystal is a very discerning and strong Christian lady to which I always wish the best in all she does so I can’t wait to attend the shower and share love on Her Princess Days ahead, after all IT IS the Brides day and everything should be as the Bride wants for once in her life. So on her day all the way through the wedding and I wish all things perfect like she wants for this her day!

Next I am helping honor some folks with their 60 Wedding Anniversary and since they are AVID facebook followers I will have to share the scoop here AFTER May 6, 2014. So Excited to share this and to Publically Thanks Jacqueline, Vickie and Gram for all their hard work in preparation for this event to honor our FLORIDA PARENTS, Marilyn and Babe Antici from Countryside Christian Center.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is! 🙂 Brenda

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