Triple Play of FUN

IndoorGolf 2014

BobbyDuffy 9.14.2013 B

Bob Duffy photo 9.2012

So this week has marks three really fun times for our family …
First, this week the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Awareness and donations have gone so viral it makes me happy. Back on July 4 2014 it marked the 75th Anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech to baseball and All MLB teams did a short presentation prior to their Opening Day for ALS Awareness. ALS personally hits home for me as my Most Handsome Cousin in California has been fighting this battle for over four years now. So PROUD that Bobby Duffy is still with us today with us today and thanks to his Lovely Bride Karen Duffy for all the loving support.

So I was challenged on July 4 by my Tampa Bay Rays friend Rick and I literally took the Ice Bucket Challenge as well donated online. Well once this hit facebook I have received nine more challenges and opted out like a chicken to just donate online but Thank You to all those nominated, nominating and actually doing the challenge then posting your video for awareness. Just do not forget to donate to support research to find a cure.

GO TEAM BOBBY DUFFY and I hope this year they find a cure because we need to plan a trip to California to visit all my cousins and dance with Bobby like I did back in 1974 just for giggles like we did back then as Bobby is a soccer player not a dancer, great memories of the First and Only dance with this Handsome Cousin of mine!

Second, back in 1995 I created the Indoor Golf Tournament where awareness is brought to nine restaurants and nine businesses in a fun putt putt style indoor golf where the Prestigious Plaid Jacket is awarded to one male and one female with braggin rights for one year. So excited to see that this event has not missed even one year but still remains today as one of the best attended after hour’s mixer in the Oldsmar area. KUDO’S to Mark and all those who work hard on this night to ensure the continued success of this event!

Third, this Saturday night is our Geanakos Family house warming party and I cannot wait to show off our new condo as well all the fun food, games with awesome social time at our new place. The next Saturday is our Church Family house warming party so it will be a repeat of this Saturday but with a different group. WHY Two parties you ask well because we do not have room for 80 people inside or outside our house at one time besides I get to plan, decorate, cook, create fun take home things and prepare for two parties like the Events Person in me likes to do!

So enjoy the pics and thanks for letting me give a shout out to three of my fun activities this week, I hope your week is just as FUN or More FUN!!!

Until next time, keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is Brenda 🙂

4 thoughts on “Triple Play of FUN

  1. Bill McClure says:

    Wow Brenda and John, I sure wish I could be there to help you celebrate. Im happy for you two. Love you guys, Bill McClure


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