You just never know

So as my Grandfather Carl Hatfield use to say about … you never know what Brenda may do – Brenda may and Brenda May Not.  SO MAKE IT FUN has forever been my motto as life is just entirely too short!

I even try to make challenges fun so recently I asked eight of my close friends to assist with PRIZES to be awarded for the top two winners in helping me grow my facebook page. Within three days our likes went from 171 to 249 an the top two WINNERS are Pamela Burget and Catherine Knoth! YAHOOIE!!!

PLUS I decided to send a thank you Restaurant gift card to HOPE DALEY as she was our 250th person to like our page which is half way to our goal. WHAT you have not checked it out … well go here

Thank You All and you never know when I might “email” to ask your work address to mail you a WINNING restaurant gift card!


ROOFTOP PARTY coming together very nicely and all the food, bevs (beverages) and resorts stepping up to the plate. EXCITED and starting December 15th we will post all the resorts  confirmed along with all sponsors thatar e confirmed!  For Now thank you to NIELSEN for being our Venue Sponsor as we are using their ROOF TOP View this year PARTY!

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