Happy Thanksgiving


Today I wish Every One an AWESOME, Blessed, Family/Friend oriented day.  Reflect on all you have to be thankful for and save the complaints for tomorrow.  Remember you are alive and blessed more than others.  You question that just look around you.

Thankful for My Handsome Husband that I LOVE!  My Awesome/Loving Son Nate and Beautiful/Loving/Talented Daughter (in law) Catie.  Thankful that Both of my Parents William and Anna Hatfield are here for me to talk with daily.  Thankful for my Rock of a Sister Diana; Brothers Paul and Bill Jr along with all the Nieces/Nephews and Great Nieces/Nephews.  Thankful for Eugene; Darlene; and Jennifer!  Grateful for how I was raised and how to date my parents love us unconditionally while letting us make our own decisions with no lectures no pressure and no secrets etc.

Thankful for my Handsome Husbands family:  Sweet/Caring Paula and Charlie Phillips along with their family; Sweet/Giving Tina Rose along with her family and Sweet/Giggling Amy/Joe Flynt along with their family … also Welcome for His First Thanksgiving Ever COOPER RAE FLYNT.

May the remainder of 2014 be as Awesome as each and every one of you are.  May all our 2015 be filled with all our dreams coming true then full of Life, Health and Prosperity.

NOW bring on the Turkey Dinner and remember to set your scales back 10 pounds tonight LOL for we all shall diet next week.

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂  just brenda

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