TBT Wall 2

So to keep in line with my facebook page promise of something fun, I am also posting here 🙂

It’s Throw Back Thursday – TBT – and why not print the above, make it a wall in your office or home then post or put up your TBT pic under it!  Rule is you have to leave it up for one full week.

Yes then start all over the next week, why leave up for a week you ask?  Well, you never know when passing by that weeks pics it Might Bring a smile to your face or a giggle to your heart.  It might be the medicine you need for that moment or day.

Here is my TBT Pic for the week and grateful my son is not on here as he would be calling me … oops he is on my WordPress site … Love You Son and these are good memories of my younger Big Hair Years!


TBT Wall   Until Next Time Keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is – Brenda 🙂

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