Friday Fun Pranks is something my big brother use to do and to this day makes me still go … ewwwww then laugh!!!!  The pic here is not of my family or any of the incidents just added to give you a visual 🙂


When out with friends, Bill would be chewing a piece of gum, then proceed to hide the gum between his fingers just before reaching our meal table.  At that time he would reach his hand under the restaurant table, act like he was pulling out a piece of used gum, and stick it into his mouth.  As he put the gum into his mouth, he would look around and if they are watching you, make an expression of surprise, as though you did not want them to catch you as Bill always did!

Now of course the boys always thought that was hilarious but not so much us girls, you be sure to tell them the real story or not, but just watch every ones faces for various reactions.

This is a Gross Gag and they will think you are absolutely out of your mind but I always get a evil laugh out of this.

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is – just Brenda 🙂

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