From “The Office”

OK it’s Friday and I almost forgot to do a Silly Fun Activity for the week.

TheOfficeShow        JelloStapler

One of my FAV TV Shows is The Office and here is one you can do that will cost you about 59 cents to create and be sure to give accolades to the TV show not me.  Wished I had done this with Vicki Games Grimes as she would have SOOOO Appreciated this one!

Famous Prank to trap a coworkers stapler in their fav flavor of jello and you do not have to let it set up mix the jello in water in THEIR Coffee Cup and stick their stapler in it … Wait for it … Wait for it …  You are bound to get a few laughs especially from the fans of the show that are in your office.

Until next time … Keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is … just Brenda  🙂

PS be sure to check out the Event and Sponsor page for updated info

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