The first poster and watch DAILY as we update on Event or Sponsor Pages here on this website … IT IS PARTY TIME PEOPLE … every purchased ticket Will Win Prize according to your ticket … now that is ROI!


FIRST CLASS Ticket WINS = $50 Restaurant Gift Card PLUS Nice Bottle of Wine

JETSETTER Ticket WINS = Florida Stay-Cation for two Adults (NOTE – each Stay-Cation is Different for details on a specific Stay-Cation call Brenda 727.641.6600) NOTE UPDATED DAILY under Events and Sponsors

Tickets go on sale Monday, February 9 so keep checking back here under the pages for Daily Updated Info

See you on the ROOFTOP of Nielsen Thursday – March 5 at 6 p.m.

Until then … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

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