Wednesday FUN

So we have made it to the middle of the work week and I trust totally safe without incident.

Now time for some fun … we all want to be included in all meetings but then would rather be working on projects on our desk so let’s make your next Meeting FUN this week.


During the meeting speak with an accent during the meeting and even better if this is a conference call … French, German, Porky Pig your choice!  Then to top it all off during the meeting keep INCHING your chair toward the door with a Big Smile on your face when someone looks your way.

Gotta make life fun as it is entirely too short and I trust you work in an office where they will FIND the humor in these actions.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is … just brenda

P.S.   Be sure to go to under Tickets and get your ticket to our Signature Event coming March 5 before they are sold out 🙂

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