TBT – Year of the Jerry’s

Well this has been a few years ago but in the traditional TBT here you go I wanted to share this FUN Memory. Jerry's Banquet

This was when I was Vice President Events at the Oldsmar Chamber of Commerce and we did the Annual Banquet with the theme of “Year of the Jerry’s” welcoming our New Board President, Jerry Kilty along with Citizen of the Year, Jerry Beverland and our own Business Assistance, Jerry Custin.

Always making it FUN and be sure to share your TBT Pic for all of us to enjoy … heck post it in your work Copy Room or on the Refrigerator for the FAM to enjoy!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  Just Brenda

PS – check out the FUN updates under Events for the update on 3-5-2015 Rooftop Party … just say’en 🙂

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2 thoughts on “TBT – Year of the Jerry’s

  1. Jerry Custin says:

    How well I recall that. Jerry the Mayor, the Professor and the Colonel. During the evening of the event I wore my white dress uniform (a rare Air Force sighting) that I had not worn in 8 or so years. It has special white buck shoes. I was told I looked great by the women – tanned, sparkling white uniform and lots of colorful medals. Alas a guy came up to me and said look at your feet bozo. My white bucks had dry rotted after ten years in the closet and were literally falling off my feet. The uniform has never been worn again.


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