Earn Your Seat

Wednesday FUN activity … as I think about this “Earn your seat,” idea I can see my Friend from Family First, Barbara Hall laughing then saying you really are kidding right!

Wacky Wednesday   Earn Seat

So this may or may not work but I think it would be fun.  Ever wished your seat was closer to a window or the door or the coffee area or just not where you currently are.

IF this does Not cause trouble in your work area let the seats for one day be “First Come First Serve.”  Means the first person into work gets first pick of the seat they want and so on until everyone arrives.  May be an incentive to get people to work extra early!

People you do need to ensure you continue to do your work and bring all necessary items from your “REAL” seat to the “Earned for the day” seat … an no outside seats, hahahaa I know someone will try that!

Barbara Hall, I Love you and Miss you … maybe today they could enjoy this silliness.

Until next time Earn Your Seat and keep it REAL … REAL Fun that is … just Brenda

Check out the FINAL Updated info under Events for the March 5 ROOFTOP PARTY 🙂

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