Monday Jester

Something silly to make your Monday not such a dreaded day and you have time to get ready before Next Monday Court Jester Day!

No real expense needed you can go purchase a real hat that costs about $25 or you can go to Dollar Tree for the Headband for $1 either way it works for this FUN way to break the Monday Staff Meeting or just usual Monday I want it to be the weekend still.  PS – it is Mardi Gras time and readily found around your town.

CourtJesterHat  CourtJesterHeadband

So here is the silliness for this week … During a meeting, while updates are given as long as someone is talking pass the hat or headband.  When there is a pause the person holding the hat or headband must put it on and sing something silly or do a dance or tell a joke.  When the next person updating the group takes the floor start over again.

No meeting … well every three hours have a stand up and stretch with 2 minutes of music and pass the hat or headband then the last person holding this has to wear the hat or headband for the next 2 hours and sing periodically.  After their 2 hours do the stretch song again and hopefully a new person gets the hat or headband.

Until next time Make it FUN … REAL FUN that is … Brenda 🙂

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