FF (Friday Fun)

Happy Friday and it is not too late to make it a Fun Friday Afternoon at work … think of it this way it will be 15-30 minutes away from your work day along with time away from your desk.  YEA BABY!

One person take a few minutes to pull 20 plus pictures local to your area, celebrities, restaurants, etc then print them out.  At the bottom of each pic put in Big Red a Number of each pic.



Now display throughout the office area and at the same time give each person 15 minutes LIMIT to write their answer down.  Person with most correct at end of the 15 minute time frame wins … wins what you ask.  Well ideally I would go for the rest of the day off … hahahaha!  But that has to be up to your work budget and the Boss sense of humor as it can be a candy bar, soda, water but if you do get that half day off maybe ask for the person putting this together to also get the half day off … after all you are the new Office Friday Fun Action Person!

Idea is just a little break from the Friday work, great mental break to make the team feel some Friday Fun Love and as always keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is most especially at work.  See you next week with a FUN Idea! Brenda

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