SHEP & 8th Grade Scholarships

HAPPENED May 28 and counted as success with Educational Cash Scholarships Awarded for the o2b Fun, Inc SHEP Award (technical school) and Eighth Graders Educational Summer Camp.  COLLEGE AWARDS July 16, 2015!

We had silly games like digging pennies out of jello using chopsticks but oh we forgot to say it was team work and the person behind you was the one doing the digging.

2015 F


We had Toilet Paper Rubber Band Shoot where you went head on with another team to be the first to shoot the toilet paper tear dropping the soda can … skillz people skillz



We had on the rebound where you tied a clip board around your waist while your partner tossed ping-pong balls at you and using only the clip board you had to knock the ping-pong balls into a tiny basket



Total of eight -8- games for everyone to enjoy along with tons of pizza, chips, candy, pasta and soda’s for everyone.  We then Awarded Scholarship Checks/Certificates and here is the START of pictures so watch for more of our Student Pics as we get them in!

CONGRATS to every one and until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and never stop learning!

Award000 Award007 Award010  MORE PICS COMING

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