T – 30

Coming in “T minus 30 days” is the second part of our Student & Parent Scholarship Party!  Scheduled on July 16 will be our College Award winning Students party time … whooot whooot

2015 FinalSponsors

WE Love to help Educate + Equip + Empower Students to better themselves through their Education, Lifestyle and becoming better community citizens!  We know their parents are appreciative as Every Parent wants the BEST for their kids!   It’s so Awesome to help someone who would not have the opportunity without assistance for a better education and we all need help sometime in our lives … teach them how to “fish” or educate them to be better is our thoughts.

YEAH it’s H2H Time (that means: Human 2 Human) and we want to Thank All our Sponsors, Donors, Event Attendees, Board of Directors and Business Grants that make this Scholarship Grant Giving time possible.

We have 52 other Students that would love assistance so if you feel so inclined to help, go to this page http://www.o2bfun.org/sponsors-.html and on the top part is the DONATE Button that takes you to Our PayPal for any donation and we do mean any donations from $10 or more.

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is – just Brenda 🙂

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