OK –  so I have been asked to provide a few ideas of activities to help during the Summer hot weather and personally I chose those that can be done by singles; families; couples and all are very kid friendly as well pocketbook friendly … just say’en 🙂

FREE Movies under the stars; WATER Fun and catch the Mermaids all in once price; OR WATER Fun with FREE Food/Bevs for the entire DAY!!  These three will get you started also web links below for easy access to online purchases!

Pier60 MOVIES  WeekiWachee SUMMER    AdventureIsland 2015

I feel these three choices are pocketbook friendly as well FUN.  Here are their web sites PLUS for ALL and I do mean ALL activities around the entire State check this out

Until next time … Keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and Summer ON 🙂  just Brenda 🙂

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