So who would like to WIN!  Whether it’s something small or something big … Spin the Wheel … Throw the Ball … Guess the Beans … What Ever we ALL like to WIN!  SO with that said, HAPPENING NOW (July 1 through July 31, 2015 EST) we will be hosting our Gift Card Challenge!

July2015 Challenge

What do you WIN?  Of course we all want to know that and since Social Media is Nationwide we chose Applebee’s.  Why, well because we have an Awesome hookup and Applebee’s is pretty much in every area or close enough for all to enjoy!  SO YEAH YOU and Yeah Us!

Here is how it will work and we tried to keep it SimpleWINNERS will be announced on Our Facebook Page PLUS you will be getting a message from us asking you privately for your mailing address so we forward your gift card.  So now that you know that you probably want to know the How To WIN!

New Liker’s will be Randomly selected every Wednesday Night from Likes of that specific week (Wednesday to the next Tuesday) Let’s WIN Newbie’s!

Current Liker’s will be Randomly selected every other Wednesday for those Two Specific week again Wednesday to the next Tuesday of that specific two -2- week period!

PLUS Current Liker’s you can WIN Double (that means a Newbie can also win AFTER they Like! Win for referring the most of your friends!  How INVITE them to Like our Page.  Most Referring every two weeks again running Wednesday to the next Tuesday for that specific two consecutive weeks Current Liker’s Have Double Opportunity to be Randomly selected to WIN!

Business Liker’s … OK because I like every Business Page that asks me to like them it is NOW you’re Turn to like us!  Business Liker’s will also Randomly be selected but only one for the month will WIN!

INPUT … you want a different Gift Card in order to be enticed … well let us know by responding to our Blog site or on our Facebook page.  All Suggestions and Input is Greatly Appreciated and Considered!  DRAWINGS will be held every Wednesday On: July 8; July 15; July 22 and July 31 (yes we know the 31st is not a Wednesday and thanks!)

Know that ALL WINNERS will be highlighted on Facebook for Every Win and on our Blog site, also at the end of the contest on our Blog Site and Facebook Page.  Any Pics sent of your holding your gift card will get even more social media time on Facebook and Blog.

OK Let the Gift Card Challenge Beginstarts at MIDNIGHT July 1, 2015 and Ends NOON (EST) on July 31.     YAHOOIE … Keeping it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  Brenda 🙂

PS it’s 7:35 p.m. EST right now as I hit the Publish Button … FUN!

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