So it’s almost time to head back to college and that means catching up with friends.   I just wanted to share a few ideas because we all know “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!”   Maybe these few ideas will kick-start the school year to enjoy what down time you do have … just suggestin!

Sorority or Roommate Prank … Of Course I have to start here 🙂  Text your friends and invite them over for Brown…es.  What a surprise when they get there to see Brown letter e’s in your cookie sheet.  Sure to start the giggles but know the reset of the year your texts will be scrutinized!

Brown es

Group Models … get you group together then dress up and do a photo session around campus.  Great way to show off your friends, campus life and parental approval for sure!

PhotoShoot  SillyDress

SILLINESS … right up my alley this one and probably much need for crunch time.  Get the girls together and dress up in crazy outfits then go out to dinner or coffee.  Another great photo shoots time full of fun memories!

OK there is no input I can give to you guys as I don’t want parents emailing me so use you smart college brain and make it clean fun!!! Drink responsibly if you must 🙂

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is as you are College Bound!  just Brenda 🙂

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