Nuf Said … August is one of the best months to purchase necessities like clothing, shoes, school supplies, hurricane preparedness items and sometimes even appliances!   Eighteen States have weeks or weekends during the month of August when you can purchase these essentials without paying sales tax which saves you bundles!


Some states have a maximum cost for an item to be considered tax free and this information I found on which is available by clicking this link.  Here is your info on States as I found:

ALABAMA = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), computers ($750), school supplies ($50), books ($30)

CONNECTICUT = Aug. 16-22, clothing and footwear ($100)

FLORIDA = Aug. 7-16, school supplies (no limit listed), clothing ($100), supplies ($15), computers ($750)

IOWA = Aug. 7-8, clothing ($100)

LOUISIANA = Aug. 7-8 All Tangible Personal Property, which usually refers to stuff that you could take with you somewhere, such as furniture, art, clothing and household items ($2,500)

MARYLAND = Aug. 9-15, clothing and footwear ($100)

MISSISSIPPI = July 31 – Aug. 1, clothing and footwear ($100)

MISSOURI = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), computers ($3,500), school supplies ($50)

OHIO = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($75), school supplies ($20), instructional material ($20)

OKLAHOMA = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100)

SOUTH CAROLINA = Aug. 7-9, clothing (no limit listed), school supplies (no limit listed), computers (no limit listed)

TENNESSEE = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), school supplies ($100), computers ($1,500)

TEXAS = Aug. 7-9, clothing, backpacks and school supplies ($100)

VIRGINIA = Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), school supplies ($20), energy star products ($2,500), hurricane preparedness items ($60), generators ($1,000)

That is all the States as listed on the link … happy shopping with tons of savings is my wish for you!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂 … just Brenda 🙂

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