FUN Thought

TONIGHT REMEMBER – it is time to Fall Back AGAIN!


It is Saturday, November 21, so TONIGHT Do Not forget to set your scales back in preparations for Thanksgiving Week!   You may say … hahahahaha cute Brenda, but then again seriously happening for me!

I Honestly am SO Thankful for John, Nate, Catie, Sam, Mom, Dad, My Siblings, John’s Siblings, Pamela/Ronald, Jacqueline, Stephanie, Frona, Cris, Terri, Vivian, Babe/Marilyn, Both Janet’s, along with so many more folks, my business and Most Important My Countryside Christian Family!  You all So Bless My Life Daily each through your own unique and beautiful ways.  Thank You All for making my life so awesome!

Count your blessings all week starting tomorrow Sunday November 22 and enjoy your Thanksgiving Day with those you love!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂 just Brenda

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