COMING 12-3-2015 “UN” Event   What is “UN” Event?  “UN” Event is set for One Specific Date which is Thursday, December 3, 2015 and for a specific time which is 12 Noon until 9 p.m.  You get to bid on gift items, gift certificates, jewelry and so much more!

This is an event where You do not need to get dressed up, You do not need to be at specific place, You do not need to purchase a ticket and you can be anywhere in the world participating!  All You need is your iPhone, Android, iPad, Laptop or Desktop and internet!

After the event You pay through Secured PayPal and Your Winnings are shipped to your door!  Now that’s a Fun “UN” Event and You get to mark Your shopping as supporting a 501-c-3 Not for Profit Organization!

Pass this onto your friends, family or coworkers!  YOU will be supporting a 501-c-3 Not for Profit Organization that Grants Educational Scholarship to Students in need AND you get to cross items off your Christmas List.

Just go to this website and let the bidding begin on Thursday – December 3, 2015    We need you and you need to finish Christmas Shopping so YAY and have FUN!

Until next time … Bidding is FUN … REAL FUN that is 🙂  Brenda

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