Our tradition of going incognito to Clearwater Beach and here are the results … can you name where we were?

IMG_2277  IMG_2278  IMG_2279 1

IMG_2273  IMG_2275  IMG_2276 2

IMG_2282  IMG_2281 3


Getting in the Christmas spirit and seeing how Our Clearwater Beach Resorts decorate for Christmas, we check them out on my Surprise Ride Nights for the hubbs!   I would Highly Suggest supporting these resorts and share with me your favorite Clearwater Beach Resorts!

Just after Christmas we head to Tampa Resorts so be on the watch for our favorite places and to support the local economy just like at Clearwater Beach!

Please be sure to visit, frequent and enjoy ALL the Florida Resorts, share your pics and  thanks for the guesses!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  MERRY CHRISTMAS

1 Week Christmas

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