My Hero

You are my hero … Yes, you!
You all are some of those most unusual people who doesn’t feel sorry for Tampa Bay Kiddos, you do something about it.   Your record of compassionate giving makes the Tampa Bay area a better place for every student to have a brighter Educational Future.  
Because of your support, you help us provide scholarships to underprivileged students in the Tampa Bay Area.  This year we reached ten (10) needy students and two (2) High School training programs as well six (6) other organizations that benefit the needy in your area.
That is why YOU are my hero and thank you for your continued gifting as well support by attending our events and donating!   
Thanks for giving at Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

2016 HERO

2016 Cash Educational Scholarship Winners Notes ++ MORE COMING!:

KENAN’S NOTE:  Thanks for the SHEP Award scholarship that allowed me to pursue my horticultural passion to help learn how to grow and produce healthy food for us all.  Kenan

DANIEL’S NOTE:  Thanks to o2b Fun and your supporters I won the second SHEP award and am able to attend PTEC for automotive training so I can get a job to help my family.   Daniel

PAUL’S NOTE:  My family and I am so grateful to the supporters of your business that allowed me to attend Computer Programming courses at University of Tampa.  I promise to pay this forward.

Additional grants in 2016:  Walk for Life Pinellas; American Cancer Pinellas; Lou Gehrig’s ALS; Countryside Cares Food Pantry; Make them Matter; Freedom High; Leto High Culinary; and RCS.

2015 Cash Educational Scholarship Winners Testimonial:

TIM’S NOTE:  I wanted to let you know just how much Scott, Tim, and I appreciate the scholarship that o2b Fun, Inc. gave to Tim in May 2015.  This is a huge relief for Scott and me plus the scholarship is an encouragement to Tim, because he knows that he has others are rooting for him to succeed.  We are so appreciative of the companies that support o2b Fun as well.  Thank you so much. The Sandmeyer’s

AVA’S NOTE:  Ava’s dream is to be marine biologists and because of the gracious 8th grade scholarship given, Ava attended an Educational Summer camp where she was able to fuel that desire this summer and we are so grateful.  Ava enjoyed and attended Aqua Camps at the Florida Aquarium where she was able to be in three (3) full weeks of training camp.  Thank you all who support o2b Fun and please keep it up so all our kids can become productive citizens.  Elated Mom, Wendy

HANS’ NOTE:  Thank you so much o2b Fun, for the 2015 Scholarship funds which will enable me to study Electrical Engineering at University of Florida in Gainesville.  I look forward to becoming a productive citizen in my community thanks to your support, Hans

ABBY’S NOTE:  Thank you o2b Fun for the 8th grade summer camp scholarship as I used the funds to pay for my church camp experience.  Thanks to you all I got to build a stronger bond with my friends and create new friends all while growing closer in my faith.      Thank You Abby

CHRISTIAN’S NOTE:  Thank you for allowing me to win my 8th grade educational scholarship.  I helped this summer to build houses and drill wells for families that have nothing.  This allowed me to use my Spanish.   Thank You, Christian

NOTE some students did not provide notes.  Granted to Nielsen a $1,000 cash scholarship to benefit a Leto High School Culinary Student selected by Nielsen from us! Additional grants in 2015 =  Make Them Matter; Walk for Life Pinellas; Relay for Life American Cancer; Lou Gehrig’s ALS; Oldsmar Cares Food Pantry; Freedom High School Security Cameras and Countryside Cares Food Pantry.


CONGRATS and THANK YOU to our friend Tony Dungy on his upcoming Induction!

Dungy HOF 2016

Pro Football Hall of Fame will induct Tony Dungy into the Hall of Fame on Saturday Aug 6! Congrats Coach an Thank You for all the lives you have influenced, marriages you helped and people or businesses you inspired or assist with. We are grateful here at o2b Fun, Inc. to acknowledge your success!

Quote from Hard Work Pays Off Dungy’s Diary:  The truth is that most people have a better chance to be uncommon by effort than natural gifts. Anyone could give that effort in his or her chosen endeavor, but doesn’t, choosing to do only enough to get by. What are you doing to be uncommon as a father, husband, or in your profession?

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL Fun and Be Uncommon!  Congrats Coach!  Brenda