Congrats #4

CONGRATS to Tampa Bay Area Scholarship Winner #4 as we continue to highlight a new winner each week!  We along with each of these students and their parents acknowledge that no funds would be available to grant without YOUR support!

Alec.2016.CCC Middle

Alec from Countryside Academy Note:  Thanks to all the people who give to o2b Fun as you allowed me to grow this summer through my 2015 Educational Summer Camp scholarship used to attend church camp, without this I could not stay engaged in my future career choice.

To all our Donors; Sponsors; Vendors; Prize contributors; Attendees; Volunteers and Wonderful Board of Directors this is all because of YOUR Support!  Again, we acknowledge that no funds Educational Scholarship funds would be available to be given without YOUR support … you are all our Hero’s.

2016 HERO

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  Just Brenda 🙂

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