Happy Friday Everyone … we here at o2b Fun Inc. LOVE … and I do mean LOVE it when someone asks us to clarify an issue.   Inquiring minds asked and we wanted to share with everyone so there is clarity not confusion about whom,what and where our funds go …


o2b Fun Inc. is a 501-c-3 Florida not for profit female owned education foundation.  Incorporated and Approved by State, Federal and IRS Laws in 2014. As well are a Florida tax exempt organization.    DONATIONS benefit Florida Students with Educational Cash Scholarships how you asked:

A)To send 8th grade Middle school underprivileged students to a Florida Educational Summer Camp before heading into High School where these grants range from $200. to $1000.

B)To provide a College Bound underprivileged student a Once in a Lifetime College Grant that ranges from $500. to $9,000.   NOTE all our scholarships given require that the student must attend a Florida College, or PTEC or Florida Universities.

C) Other cash grants are awarded to Tampa Bay Area Schools for special projects such as Bullying Camera’s; Computer needs; Culinary Classrooms and Special Needs Schools have been gifted since 2014 where these grants range from $200 to $1,000.

Thank You Thank You to the two (2) companies that inquired this week with me.  I always say they cannot say NO until they KNOW and I am always glad to help someone KNOW and always glad when someone help Me KNOW there is an issue or question.

Reminder in 33 short days is our Annual Signature Event that raises about 80% of the proceeds we use to gift out Educational Scholarships to Middle School Students; High School Students and Schools in General that need assistance for a specific project.

SOOOOO with that said here is our Weekly Update with MORE Resorts; Donations; etc. and don’t forget to get your tickets ASAP before we sell out!

2-10-17-web-pic-promo  1-15-17-web-whatisrooftop

Until next time … Keep it REAL … REAL FUN!!   Just Brenda


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