New York City

Those of you that know me would complete this tag as, what does New York City know about Pace Picante Sauce.  LOL but not this time this is about MY Southwest Airlines!

Headed for a Memorial Day weekend in New York City onboard My Southwest Airlines always guarantees a great experience, onboard Any Southwest flight that is!  While at TIA enter Susie Bain whom I first encountered at the ticket line as she appeared to be a patron but ends up jumping up to help out her fellow employee stating.  Yes I am on vacation but I Can Help you to ensure everyone is served quickly as I am a Southwest Ticket Counter employee.  WOW then onboard I get the pleasure of setting with and chatting with Susie Bain who does what I call Extra Mile Service, she literally sees me reading The Southwest The Magazine Summer, and points out the opportunity to enter a contest to WIN $500 gift card or other great place prizes!  WOW now that’s Extra Mile Service, thank you TIA Southwest for Susie Bain!  @SouthwestMagazine; @SouthwestTheMag; @SouthwestAirlines. 

Now the FUN begins as we board Southwest Flight #1815 departing St Louis headed to LaGuardia airport.  Head Steward, DeeDee Lang who has a Sweet Sincere Smile and ends up with an even Bigger Sense of Humor!  So, we are taxing the runway for take off and DeeDee Lang starts the mundane safety speech … OH NO enter FUN SENSE OF HUMOR DeeDee Lang!

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome aboard flight #1815 headed to LaGuardia, we hope you enjoy your flight and our service today.  If not please know there are Six Emergency Exits off this plane.  Delayed Laughter as they catch what she just said, she continues, Please know should the lights go out, you will be able to see by the Disco Lights on the floor!  Should there be a change in cabin pressure, know oxygen masks will fall from above your head, please put the mask over your head, pull the string to tighten and then breathe normal.  If you are traveling with children or Those Acting Like a Child, you may Chose to service them after your mask is on.  Should you need your flotation devise, it is located under your seat, put this over your head, secure tightly around your waist and pull the string to inflate.  Should your string not inflate your life jacket, please know there is a red tube you can manually inflate and if this doesn’t work, Oh Well!  Roaring Laughter!  We will now be coming around the cabin, to ensure your electronic devices are turned off, your seats are in their upright position and all tray tops are secured position, WHY, because WE Do Not Trust You.  The cabin has been full of Laughter, Applause and full undivided attention throughout ALL of DeeDee Lang’s security process, Great Fun Job DeeDee Lang!

Just when you thought we would end with normalcy, WRONG!  DeeDee Lang states thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for flying with us today, please know it has been a Real Chore, Oh I mean Pleasure serving you today.  Again the Laughter fills the cabin, after catching a silent moment she continues with, as you disembark, please be sure to thank My Ex Husband and My Boyfriend for their joint service in piloting us today, I wasn’t sure how this would go since we three are on this flight together.  Applause and laughter fills the cabin.  DeeDee Lang you made Southwest Flight #1815 pure enjoyment for all those onboard! 

Flying home on Monday evening enter Pilot X, whose name I did not get in Atlanta Georgia, but who welcomes everyone with:  Welcome aboard everyone on Southwest Flight #1612 headed to Tampa Florida and if your destination is not Tampa then someone is on the wrong plane and just know, I am the one driving!  Laughter fills the cabin as Pilot X continues with.  Onboard you will find what looks like three -3- Super Models, however know that they are Highly Trained Professional Attendants that will proudly serve you on this flight.  Be sure to let then know how they might make your flight comfortable.

As we land and disembark, I had the pleasure to meet Pilot X face to face and thanked him for his great sense of humor in making the flight Calm, Fun and Enjoyable.  I truly enjoying Flying on MY SOUTHWEST on every trip possible and can’t wait for my next venture.  Please be sure to Check as your FIRST choice, Southwest Airlines, when booking ANY flight and remember: Bags Fly Free; No Change Fees; they fly almost everywhere … except West Virginia direct and Southwest has the Most Fun Employees!

Again thank you MY SOUTHWEST AIRLINES for employing Great, Fun, Caring, Helpful and Extra Mile Service Employees both Domestic and Internationally!  I have been flying Southwest Since 1989 and want to give a Big Shout Out to a few of my Long Time Friends, Alison Hoefler and Diane Cox who also Give Extra Mile Service.  In 2012 when I remarried Alison Hoefler helped me with my Themed TRAVEL Wedding by loaning us Southwest Props and Official Southwest Ladies Scarfs, which I promptly returned!  Check My Southwest out at @SouthwestAirline; @SouthwestTheMag and @SouthwestMagazine or heck just go online and BOOK ALL your flights with them!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is just like All Southwest Airline Employees do!  Just Brenda


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