Scholarship Winner #1

EXCITED to being reporting on our 2017 Scholarship Winners!  Starting with our Eighth Grade Winners, noting our goal is to keep YOUR Students engaged during the summer months as they gear up for their tough High School Transition.  Here’s our FIRST Winner’s Testimonial …

JACOB (Polk) Jacob attended the Zookeepers camp at Busch Gardens, from a Sunday through Thursday.  In this camp, students are up early to fed and learn what the life of a Zookeepers is about. It beings by cleaning, feeding animals and then they learn about conservation and work together to improve it.   Thank you to all who Support in any way o2b Fun Inc. as you made this possible!

YEAH and Thanks to YOU OUR HERO’S who rocked that Zookeepers world!  Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is!  Congrats again Jacob!  

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