WINNER #4 Scholarship Winner

YEAH YEAH YEAH … Excited to announce our FOURTH Eighth Grade Scholarship Winner, VERONICA!  Thanks to all Our HERO’S who make this possible … Donors, Sponsors, Contributors and Attendees!

VERONICA (Sarasota) NASA’s week-long sessions she experienced space flight on motion simulators, meet and talk with a real live astronaut. She rode the Shuttle Launch Experience and participated in Team-building activities that provided her the chance to perform a space shuttle mission simulation and brainstorm ideas for future space travel.

Again we could Never make these scholarships happen IF it were not for our HERO’S so Big Shout Out and Bigger Thanks!

ALSO OUR FIRST WINNER of the 2018 Rooftop Party Giveaway … Amy Flynt responded on our Facebook Page to our First By-Weekly Game … It pays to play!  She won a 92″ faux pearl necklace by Premiere Jewelry and Nanette Pluhar!

Until next time … keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is and CONGRATS to both our winners!  Brenda

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