WINNER FIVE as in our Fifth Scholarship Winner

FriYAY and SO Excited to introduce you to our FIFTH SCHOLARSHIP WINNER.

SUPER HERO Shout out to the Sole Provider of this scholarship goes to Paula Phillips who provided 100% of the funds to send LOGAN of Hillsborough County to attend Musical Camp.

CONGRATS TO YOUR WINNER, LOGAN of Hillsborough County who is using his funds to attend Music/Arts camp with his desires to one day be in the Florida Orchestra and we can’t wait to see him there.  Join o2b Fun Inc. and Paula Phillips in Congratulating Mr. LOGAN and here’s to a fun growing experience!  GO BE AWESOMENESS LOGAN

Until next time keep it REAL … REAL Fun that is!  Brenda

Watch for more updates on this event as we replenish our coffers to Grant School Programs with much needed funds in September.  THANKS to all our SUPER HERO’S who make this event possible as well those who will sponsor!

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