Education matters for All Race, All Educational Needs

All four -4- these gentlemen grew up In a Major At-Risk Community, All four -4- of these gentlemen Graduated from an At-Risk High school, All four -4- of these Gentlemen are College Graduates with Multiple Degrees, All four -4- of these Gentlemen are Happily Married (3 with children), All four -4- of these Gentlemen are now Principals/Educational Leaders.
** Information/Photo Credit from: Frederick Yeakey, President Providence Cristo Rey HS, Indianapolis, Indiana.**
In today’s climate, let us not forsake the power of providing educational opportunities for all  kids. Make no mistake about it, America’s only way forward is to invest in educating YOUR Local Kiddos IN All Race and All Needs  #education #equity.
THANK YOU for helping us Help Your TB Kiddos in 2019 as SUPER HERO’S YOU did this for these Kiddos in 2019:
WHO can we reach in 2020 amidst these unusual times, you can still help by donating through our website or by purchasing tickets to our Annual Signature Event that was rescheduled/New Date.  Through this event 100% of all proceeds goes to YOUR Students in helping them gain Educational Scholarships!
Until next time … Keep it REAL … REAL FUN that is 🙂 Brenda

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